Water Restoration

Water Restoration

Water damage could be caused by the smallest leaks or the biggest floods and can cause rotting wood, rusting metal, de-laminating of materials, and erosion of possessions. Furthermore, water damage can leave lasting effects such as mold growth and foundation rot in your home or private business. Water restoration is needed in both minor and major scenarios.

Water damage is not an issue to ignore. At Mann Brother’s we are trained to deal with your minor and catastrophic instances of water damage. Whether an emergency or small inconvenience we will do all that we can to protect and restore your property.

optimized-img_3246What is Water Restoration and Mitigation?

Our water restoration process is all about restoring your property after minor or major water damage situations. Our water restoration solutions are up to date and our professionals are the best in the business. Our technology and expertise allows us to identify moisture leaks invisible to the naked eyes, completely dry affected materials, as well as prevent further damage to walls, cabinets, and property foundation.

Additionally, we want to find the source of the leak. Most cases of water damage are minor and caused by a plumbing failure. Once we restore your property, we will help you identify the causes of the leak as well suggest people to help solve the problem.

If the problem is larger and caused by a natural disaster, then our process is more extensive. We will help you find temporary housing while we work on the water restoration. Furthermore, we’ll provide any solutions to protect against future floods.

When You detect flood damage

The damage caused by water is progressive and pervasive and can cause possessions to be permanently damaged if left untreated. If you find any source of water damage, then please take these steps:

  • Stay calm and think clearly. Give us a call and we’ll help provide immediate help.
  • If you are able, then close the water main or shut off any water sources so flooding can stop.
  • Shut down the electrical breaker in damaged areas BEFORE unplugging or removing electrical devices from the affected area.
  • Protect furniture from the water damage; for example, lift curtains from wet carpet or water, lift up any upholstered furniture skirts, and remove books, paper, and other sensitive material away from the water source.
  • Avoid using your vacuum to soak up water.
  • Do not walk on affected carpet more than necessary.


At Mann Brother’s, we focus on your safety, security, and state of mind. We are locally owned and have been in the industry for over 40 years. We are not beholden to insurance companies or outside interests and we start jobs immediately. We work around the clock, 24/7, to repair your life and restore your space. Give us a call at (440) 897-2332 and we will bring you peace of mind.


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