It is accepted by the leading experts that the use of very high temperature heat, over specified periods of time in a controlled precise configuration offers the most sophisticated and optimum solution to all Flooding & Water Damage, Sterilization & Pest Eradication problems in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Mann Brother’s has a range of cutting edge heat controlled solutions for deployment throughout the Mid-West ready for both emergency and scheduled work. This innovative portable equipment can be brought to any destination at short notice. The structure will be carefully surveyed by our qualified experts and equipment configured to achieve the requisite outcome, whatever the issue. Using the Data Management Control system this equipment can be controlled and the drying process monitored which allows for effective on site management of the task.

Mann Brother’s continually upgrades and enhances the equipment so that our clients have the most effective and efficient products using the most innovative heating and electronic technology.

Flooding and Water Damage

Buildings or structures that become wet or saturated due to burst pipes, water leaks, flooding or fires usually take several weeks to dry out using the traditional technologies (e.g. dehumidifiers) and methods. This can be enormously costly for both businesses and households.

Our system can completely dry out premises in a fraction of that time (often 2 to 3 days). The system essentially in its simplest form, works by creating a very intense and concentrated heat in large pressurized air volumes.

The technology is configured to provide heat to the targeted areas at appropriate temperatures.
In effect the increase in air temperature causes the water to evaporate into the pressurized air and this pressurized air is then expelled from the building in a process called moisture flush. The heat system manages and controls the temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew point. This technology is the most sophisticated and best for drying out all moisture and saturation problems in both buildings and the materials (e.g. furniture) contained in those buildings. In addition, the use of heat requires practically no demolition. This enables businesses to get back into full operation and homeowners to get back into their premises in a rapid and cost effective way.

Sterilization and Pest Eradication

There is a need for effective sterilization and pest eradication solutions across a broad spectrum of industries, businesses, and households. Chemical treatments in some instances have been banned and in general there has been a move away from these treatments to superior eco-friendly solutions.

Mann Brother’s provides specialized services in the areas of sterilization and pest eradication for hospitals, food companies, restaurants, general businesses and households. The service is a safe, effective, and chemical free eco-friendly solution to completely eliminate pathogens, fungal growth/mold, dry rot, woodworm and all kinds of infestation amongst others in a controlled manner.

The expertise of our technicians enables us to fully understand the problems that arise due to building design and operations. The equipment and systems are configured so that as well as significantly increasing the air temperature, the temperature will also penetrate deep within the fabric of the building, whether it is wood, concrete, brick or any other material within the structure. The temperatures attained in the structure can be measured and recorded at all times and relating to all areas of the structure to ensure conformity to set protocols and providing a complete audit trail. The system complies with various forms of reporting procedures.

Mann Brother’s ensures work is done with the minimum down time and with minimal disruption to our clients. Additionally, Mann Brother’s offers advice where necessary in relation to modifications or improvements that prevent or reduce potential re-occurrences.

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